Audio Master List

After discovering the NCRV archive of organ concerts, I have been able to include links to many historic performances throughout this website, especially for the entrants in the Haarlem Improvisation competition. As I have compiled a video master list of all the YouTube videos referenced throughout, I have decided that there are enough audio clips now scattered throughout the site that I should start an audio master list. Listed below are the audio recordings for different improvisors included on different posts at Enjoy!

Nigel Allcoat

Bernard Bartelink

Klaas Bolt

Yves Devernay

Piet van Egmond

Naji Hakim

Hans Haselböck

Anton Heiller

André Isoir

Piet Kee

Jos van der Kooy

Peter Planyavsky

Karl Richter

Lionel Rogg

Daniel Roth

Pierre Segond

Jaroslav Tůma

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