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Eventually, my plan is to offer instruction in improvisation through this website. These may be videos or written instructions. As lessons or topics are covered they will be listed below for easy access. You may also contact me through organist[at]organimprovisation.com to discuss private or group coaching possibilities. (My bio is posted at wmglennosborne.com.)

Summer courses offering instruction in improvisation during 2014 are listed here. Some of these are annual events, so when I have details for them, I’ll start a list for 2015.

The first series of lessons will appear in the newsletter during May 2014 and will cover The Four C’s of Improvisation:

  1. Competency
  2. Convincing
  3. Coherent
  4. Colorful

Please check the other newsletter issues for more tips and practice ideas.

Several improvisation masterclasses have been posted on YouTube. Michael Joseph offered a workshop to the New Hampshire AGO chapter here. Tom Trenney, William Porter and others have also offered classes which I have compiled into a playlist here.

For other information, please visit the Forms and Styles page for links to learning resources.

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