Rolande Falcinelli

FalcinelliRolande Falcinelli (1920 – 2006) was a French organist, pianist, composer, and teacher. She studied organ and improvisation with Marcel Dupré at the Paris Conservatoire. In 1955, she succeeded Dupré as organ professor at the Paris Conservatory, teaching there until 1987. Among her numerous students were Xavier Darasse, Louis Thiry, Yves Devernay, Francis Chapelet, André Isoir, Daniel Roth, Jean-Pierre Leguay, Sophie-Veronique Cauchefer-Choplin, Louis Robillard, Philippe Lefèbvre, Maurice Clerc, Patrice Caire, Marie-Bernadette Dufourcet, and Naji Hakim. She also served as titular organist at Sacré-Coeur in Paris from 1946 to 1973.

You can hear her on Spotify.


Rolande Falcinelli: 4 Grandes Improvisations en Concert

Rolande Falcinelli : Improvisations

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