Free Books

Listed below are titles concerning the study and practice of improvisation that are available for free from assorted different on-line resources.


C. Roy Carter
Theatre Organist’s Secrets

Arthur Clifton, 1784-1832
P.A. Corri’s original system of preluding:
Comprehending instructions on that branch of piano forte playing with upwards of two hundred progressive preludes, in every key & mode and in different styles, so calculated that variety may be formed at pleasure

Carl Czerny, 1791-1857
The art of preluding, as applied to the piano forte: consisting of 120 examples of modulations, cadences, & fantasias, in every style: op. 300

André Ernest Modeste Grétry
Méthode simple pour apprendre à préluder en peu de temps, avec toutes les ressources de l’harmonie

James Lyon, 1872-1949
Exercises in figured bass and melody harmonisation

Henry William Richards, 1865-1956
The organ accompaniment of the church services: a practical guide for the student

Hamilton Crawford Macdougall
First Lessons in Extemporizing on the Organ

Alfred Madeley Richardson, 1868-1949
Extempore playing: forty lessons in the art of keyboard composing

Frank Joseph Sawyer, 1857-1908

Hennie Schouten, 1900-1970
Improvisation on the Organ

George Tootell
How to play the cinema organ … a practical book by a practical player

George Elbridge Whiting, 1840-1923
Organ Accompaniment and Extempore Playing

T. Carl Whitmer, 1873-1959
The Art of Improvisation


Expertise in Musical Improvisation and Creativity: The Mediation of Idea Evaluation.
An article from the Public Library of Science by
Oded M. Kleinmintz, Pavel Goldstein, Naama Mayseless, Donna Abecasis, and Simone G. Shamay-Tsoory.


Michael Callahan
Techniques of keyboard improvisation in the German Baroque and their implications for today’s pedagogy