Wondrous Love

This melody was first attributed to the 1701 English song “The Ballad of Captain Kidd”, thought it likely predates those words. The text “What Wondrous Love Is This” was first published with this tune in The Southern Harmony, a book of shape note hymns compiled by William Walker where the melody is identified as a popular old Southern tune. It is a modal tune.

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Timothy Howard – Postlude on ‘Wondrous Love’ – Pasadena Presbyterian Church
Patrick A. Scott- First Station of the Cross (What Wondrous Love) – University Christian Church, Austin, Texas

New Britain (Amazing Grace)


NEW BRITAIN is a pentatonic melody of unknown origin, first published in Columbian Harmony in 1829. It is often paired with the text “Amazing Grace” written by John Newton and published in 1779. The two were first paired together in William Walker’s Southern Harmony.

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Patrick Alston – Improvisation on Amazing Grace – Sligo SDA Church, Takoma Park, MD
Gerre Hancock – Improvisation on Amazing Grace – St. Thomas, New York