Hans Haselböck

HansHaselbockHans Haselböck became organist at the Dominikanerkirche in Vienna in 1949, and in 1972 he became Professor of organ and improvisation at the Musikhochschule Wien.


Gregorian Chant and Organ: Improvisation in Vienna

Orgelimprovisationen 1998 / 11. Internationale Altenberger Orgelakademie: 9-15.8.1998
Includes improvisations from the teachers at the 1998 Organ Academy in Altenberg: Hans Haselböck, Loi͏̈c Mallié, Tomasz Adam Nowak, Wolfgang Seifen, and Petr Eben.

Orgelimprovisationen / 8. Internationale Altenberger Orgelakademie 20-30.8.1995
Includes improvisations from the teachers at the 1995 Organ Academy in Altenberg: Hans Haselböck, Gerd Wachowski, Patrick Delabre, and Wolfgang Seifen.

Entry in the 8th Haarlem Improvisation competition

Entry in the 10th Haarlem Improvisation competition

Anton Heiller

Heiler-1Anton Heiller (1923 – 1979) was an Austrian organist, harpsichordist, composer, and conductor. Born in Vienna, he was first trained in church music by Wilhelm Mück, organist of Vienna’s Stephansdom with further study at the Vienna Academy of Music under Bruno Seidlhofer and Friedrich Reidinger. In 1945, he both graduated from the Academy and was appointed organ teacher there. He was promoted to professor in 1957. In 1952 he won the International Organ Competition in Haarlem, The Netherlands. His students include Yuko Hayashi, Bernard Lagacé, Peter Planyavsky, Michael Radulescu, Christa Rakich, Christa Rumsey, David Sanger, and Jean-Claude Zehnder.


Anton Heiller: Organist, Composer, Conductor
by Peter Planyavsky and Christa Rumsey
Eastman Studies in Music, University of Rochester Press (November 1, 2014)

Heiller’s performances as a competitor in the 1953 Haarlem Improvisation Competition can be heard at the NCRV archive here.

Peter Planyavsky

PlanyavskyFrom 1969 to 2004, Peter Planyavsky was organist at Vienna’s cathedral Stephansdom (St. Stephen’s Cathedral), and in the years 1983 to 1990 was Dommusikdirektor, director of music with overall responsibility for the church music at the cathedral.

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Peter Planyavsky Improvises
Motette Records, 2004

Improvises on the Vienna Stephansdom Organ

ohscatalog_2270_29840059Planyavsky Improvises In Cathedrals at Bremen & Brixen

Peter Planyavsky – Entry in the 21st Haarlem Improvisation Competition